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Hi! My name is Kyle Gati. I’m new to the hobby of beekeeping as of Spring 2012. Some of my other hobbies include fly-fishing, yoga, gardening, photography, art, and design. As an Industrial Designer by day, I like to get back to nature when I can, whether its the woods of Canada, the desert of Nevada, or back porch of my Chicago apartment.


How I got into beekeeping…
I have always been curious about beekeeping, but for whatever reason I never thought it was practical to do so in an urban environment such as Chicago. How wrong was I?! Actually, sometime around January 2012 I started coming across articles and other blogs about beekeeping in urban places like rooftops in Chicago and New York City. As I was bouncing page to page, I finally stumbled on a co-op that offers an intro class on beekeeping. In excitement, I signed up for the 6 hour class through the Chicago Honey Co-op.


As the class approached, I did my homework, reading up on an intro to beekeeping book. The class was held on a Saturday in early March.  We had a potluck lunch and all sorts of honey goodies. While the class was very informative, I still felt like I knew maybe 10% about beekeeping, thus it would take further reading/learning. At the class they basically said that if any of us wanted to keep bees this year, we would have to order our package bees immediately as they do sell out around that time each year.  I had to pull the trigger and place the order. Now I was committed. From here I would order my hive parts, assemble and paint them and wait for the bees.  I picked up a few books on beekeeping and watched tons of home videos on YouTube, which was great to see how other people do what I was about to start.


Why I keep honeybees..
Since I do a lot of gardening on my deck, I thought it would nice to have some bees around to help pollinate my garden.


There is also the environmental benefit that I am contributing to by keeping honeybees.  Over the past 5 or so years bees have been vanishing (dying off) across the country and around the world. There are theories why this is happening (pesticides & herbicides). Although convincing, nothing has been 100% proven apparently. Either way by keeping a hive, I am helping thier numbers.


Also, I can’t forget that I am looking forward to some HONEY! I hope to be able to sell some jars this year and save some to give as gifts.

Where I keep honeybees..
Currently, my hive is located on my rooftop above my condo in Noble Square in Chicago, IL. I am also currently hive sitting for a friend of mine who has the 2 hives on the left side.

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  1. Found your picture of organic consumers association (the bee booth) on Instagram and sent it to mike (the guy behind the booth) he was wondering who to site as the source for the picture was if he posts it. If you don’t mind me steeling the pic and would like him to source you please let me know:) ill give him you information tho! Great site here as well! Very awesome:)

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